Star Wars Clone Wars Backpack Buddy - Plush Rotta the Huttlet - Ahsoka Tano Cosplay

Rotta in a soft backpack- would complete a Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano costume perfectly! This is a wearable backpack with plush Rotta doll inspired by the one Ahsoka Tano wears in The Clone Wars.
This “Backpack Buddy” is the plush/stuffed backpacks that includes Rotta doll. 
The backpack itself is modeled after the clone trooper backpack that Ahsoka uses to cart around Rotta in the Clone Wars movie. 
Rotta himself is the star of the show, he's nice and soft, and pretty large. He has wrinkles and folds in the right places and looks pretty darned cute, especially given how his arms are out in a “hug me!” kind of pose.

The "Force will be with you" when you carry these cool bags! Includes Rottta Plush!
  • Officially licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Rotta Backpack also includes Rotta plush!
  • Carry your own Rotta Huttlet in this Grand Army of the Republic backpack
  • Backpack features closable lid with snap button and padded straps
  • 24" backpack include a carrying pouch large enough to carry books, DVDs, and more!
  • Ages 6 and up 
  • Backpack Size: 24" x 17" x 9" (60 cm x 43 cm x 22.5 cm)
  • Rotta Size: Approx. 16" or 17" 


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