Star Wars R2D2 Key Chain Holder

Bleep! Boop beep chirrrrrup chirp! That's droid-ese for, "This Star Wars R2D2 Keychain is a must-have for fans of the original Star Wars trilogy!" (We're fluent in many robotic languages, ya know.) This engraved silver-tone R2D2 keychain with blue and orange fill accents doesn't actually make any noises, or have the plans to destroy the Death Star secreted inside, but it will make your keys look pretty spiffy.

  • Officially Licensed Star Wars Merchandise
  • Attached to a sturdy D-ring keyring
  • Includes a small silver-tone Rebel Alliance charm
  • Approx. Symbol Size: 1.25" W, 2" L
  • Displayed in Hang Card

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